Me, Myself, & My Amygdala Book Reviews:

"Taking head-on the most challenging mental health problems on the era, Dr. Brian Ackerman, drawing on long clinical experience proposes an approach--to substance abuse and basic dissatisfaction--based on mindfulness and meditation. In this lively book, illustrated with technical drawings, cartoons, and explanatory diagrams, he provides a highly accessible format that incorporates novel formulations of psychology, neurology, and clinical examples galore. Professionals, patients and interested readers all stand to benefit from this exploration." - Thomas G Gutheil MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

"In his analysis of what may arguably be one of the most challenging issues for the human race to take on: both why we have impulses to self-harm and self-sabotage with alcohol and drugs, and what we can do about them, Dr. Ackerman offers his own fresh interpretation of Mindfulness as a tool we can lean to utilize to be aware of these impulses, better understand than, develop a sense of mastery over them, and redirect them in the service of our self-care and well- being. Dr. Ackerman demonstrates that he is a leading expert on Mindfulness and its use in treating alcohol, substance use and mental illness and presents it in a way that is not only readable and enjoyable, but unforgettable"
Francis C. Spicola. Director of Intensive Outpatient Program; Community Care Alliance and Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Rhode Island College and formerly Executive Director of AdCare Rhode Island.

"Dr. Brian Ackerman's book on addictive behaviors posits that we can learn not just to change our minds but also change our brains, and thereby be effective in reducing our suffering. It's a path that relies on Mindfulness to help us better understand our instincts and enhance the role of the Pre-Frontal Cortex as compared to the Amygdala. At the basis of this work to transform our lives is caring for ourselves enough to seek change, something many of us were not taught but, encouragingly, can learn now." - Sharon Salzberg, author of Loving Kindness and Real happiness. 

"After 14 failed treatment efforts that focused mostly on 12 step approaches, I drove 14 hours to reach a treatment facility in Rhode Island where I sat in on Dr. Ackerman's presentation on substance use and the brain.  Read this book, transform your life away from self- harm, and realize your healthy potential." - J.B.S

"Finally, a book that respects individuals with substance use disorders as intelligent, curious, and compassionate human beings on a quest to better themselves despite adversity. Dr. Ackerman empowers and inspires people to better understand their own minds, actions, and motivations, so that they might in turn regain a sense of command and sense of self. I have seen this book in action and in person by watching Dr. Ackerman teach and practice: he gently guides people to better work with their own brains as competent, skilled navigators. This sense of purposeful action uplifts individuals from a place of helplessness and the resulting despair. Knowledge really is power and understanding the key to acceptance. When we learn about our brains, we just might, for the first time, truly learn about ourselves."
Katherine Anderson, LICSW, LCDP, QMHP. Former Director of Clinical Services, AdCare Rhode Island. 

"Having practiced for 25 years as an Ivy league trained academic physician, I am well acquainted with the toll that stress exacts on ones' professional and personal life. In this, his first, book Dr. Ackerman distills the essence of his metaphor-rich techniques to deal with stress, e.g. "I choose not to board that train" (my wife and I call them 'Ackermanisms'). He masterfully integrates the anatomic, physiologic and psychological components of the brain to achieve emotional healing through their in-depth understanding. Read this book-you, yourself, and your amygdala will not be disappointed." LWD, MD


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As a student at Johnson & Wales University I have struggled with the nuances of adjusting to campus life and being in a new environment. Dr. Ackerman has been most helpful to me by allowing me to express myself and give me guidance in all aspects of my life, including my social and family lives. His gentle non pharma approach to dealing with life has been instrumental in allowing me to finally let me enjoy myself and my life and my challenges. I highly recommend him to anyone, any age, struggling with life’s challenges.

Steven (Bristol)

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD at the age of 12. It was somewhat of a shock, as we always thought of her as just a busy kid. His recommendations to us of medication and helping us find the right school for her has made all the difference in the world. She is thriving and is a happy girl. The experience and wisdom that Dr Ackerman brings to the situation is unprecedented.

Sharon (Barrington)
I have been seeing psychiatrists for the past 30 years. No one ever really got me the way Dr. Ackerman has. He didn’t push the pills on me, and allowed me to go through my processes and feelings without meds. It was the first time that I actually felt the pain, and the joy.  His suggestions of meditation, yoga and a self diary helped me realize that my own self thought processes were my downfall. I can’t say enough about him—fantastic.

Joseph and Camille
My name is Joseph and my wife’s name is Camille. We have both been patients of Dr. Ackerman for the past 12 years. The purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the excellent, loving and caring support we have received from him over the years.

About 15 years ago my wife and I merged our families .Camille had full custody of her three girls and I had full custody of my son and daughter. We married in 1999 and built a new home for all of us to live in. When the novelty of the new home and the exciting times of our new family had subsided, our challenges began. Three years into our new family and marriage, we could clearly see we needed some guidance, support and direction. We were reluctant to divulge our concerns, issues and emotions to anybody. The decision was mutual for Camille and I. We wanted to get to the place and feeling that brought us together in the beginning and at the same time negotiate these difficult challenges and decisions that were tearing us apart.

Meeting Dr. Ackerman for the first time was somewhat uncomfortable for us. Our egos and our past as single parents and sole supporters was a fence that needed to be taken down. Dr. Ackerman gained our respect and confidence by working through the issues in a very calming, professional and loving way. He has opened up dialogue that we struggled with as a couple. Once or twice a month, we still spend time with Dr. Ackerman, it is time well spent and very healing.

As someone who knows the challenges mental illness brings to a family, Dr. Ackerman knows what it takes to deal with these problems constructively. His knowledge and ability to teach and explain to both the family members suffering from the illness and the other family members is remarkable. Dr. Ackerman, welcome to Rhode island and thanks. We are lucky to have you.

Simone (Newport)
We went to see Dr. Ackerman because we were at our wit's end, knowing that divorce was inevitable. We chose him becaise of his reputation of dealing with couple's struggles. His approach helped us realize that we still had great opportunities for both personal and marital relationship growth. Today, we are still married and and thriving and owe it all to him. We recommend any struggling couple see Dr. Ackerman before they take the final steps toward divorce. it worked for us.

Tony and Lisa (Cranston)
I was going through a divorce, and was feeling very angry and bitter towards the world. Dr. Ackerman helped me realize that it was new beginning, and not the end. His advise helped me lead the way for my family to see the divorce throught to the end on a positive note. Today, 15 years later, we are a succesful blended family and owe it all to Dr. Ackerman.

Susan (Seekonk)
In closing we would like to thank Dr. Ackerman from the bottom of our hearts for the difficult work that he has mediated with us. We urge any struggling married couple to seek Dr. Ackerman’s services.



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