Psychiatric Services:

Marriage & Family Therapy
Meditation Training
Individual Treatment for: Depression
Low Self-Esteem
Attention Deficit Disorder
Panic Disorders
Anger Management
Alcohol and Substance
Psychotic Disorders
Borderline Personalities
Anxiety Disorders inclusive of PTSD & OCD & Social Phobia
Eating Disorders


I am a holistic, integrative, psychiatrist well-trained in conventional psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. 

In addition to my private practice in Providence I also staff two community mental health centers in Rhode Island.  At the Kent Center, I run mindfulness therapy groups for patients, and weekly training groups in mindfulness for the staff.  At the Community Care Alliance I run twice weekly mindfulness groups for patients suffering with substance abuse. My approach in my groups as well as in my private practice is educational.  I walk into these groups with a model of a human brain and have noticed how incredibly interested and curious people are about their brains and that becomes a building block to becoming more curious about human nature and then more curious and more mindful of their nature in particular.  I have written six articles that have been published in the past year that articulate this ground breaking approach and which can be found on my website at the tab called articles.

While mindfulness is the newest area of my expertise that I bring treatment, I also bring over 40 years of seasoned clinical experience and skill sets in many other treatment forms.

I am an internationally recognized marriage and family therapist; I am a meditation teacher; and I am open to non-mainstream treatment modalities. 

Since I integrate both the conventional and the complimentary; holistic and integrative are terms that help to characterize my work. A Bi-Polar patient who I saw for the first time recently, said, "Dr. Ackerman, I have been seeing psychiatrists for thirty years... you are the first one who has ever really spoken to me and explained things to me in a way I can understand."

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